Palo Santo ~ Bursera graveolens(botanical) ~ translated to English is called "Sacred Wood". The region of this wood is from Uqtan - Mexcico, Peru, Venezuella, Argentina, Paraguai, Bolivia and Brazil. Also can Find it in Costa Rica, EL Salvador, Guatamala, Hondors, Colombia, Ecuador and Galapagod Islands. Is a Relative with Myrh and Frankinsence. For Producing the Tree Products, it has to finish it's Life Time and die Naturally. Only After Full Respective Life + 4-10 years of resting after death on the earth it was growing, only then it's allowed to get the Presents from the tree. This tradition is written in the Ecuadorian Local Law. The use of Palo Santo is kept since the "Inca" age, who was burining it for Ceremonies of Prayers and Rituals. The Shamans of Ecuador use the Palo Santo for releasing negative Energies form Bodies and Space, and Healing Sickness that comes from the COLDNESS.
We are welcome to make tea from the palo santo fingers ~ could help Symptoms of Flu, Cough, Astma and Colds. The oil of Palo Santo help Cooling the Digesting System and Muscles. As Insence, the smoke used for Purifing and makes the muskitos Flee, Meditation, Calming. To the Palo Santo Qualities of Anti-Viral. * For Purifing ~ Light the stick and let it burn with fire until there is inough wood burning deep (arround 1 minute), then blow the stick and let the smoke go wherever is wishing for cleansing and Purifing *

Some Times there are Big Pieces of Palo Santo

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